Pre-writing skills

Peter Pans and Pinochos have been engaged in many different fine motor skills activities to strengthen their fingers and develop a good pencil grip so when they color drawings and  start writing (some of them already do!) they feel confident enough. Among these activites are lacing buttons, using pegs on pegboards, tearing paper, modeling play-dough and using a puncher.

This last week we have started tracing lines from top to bottom on different surfaces and using a variety of materials.

We started drawing lines from top to bottom on a wall with chalk.

foto 2 foto3



We have been using this wonderful app.





We drew straight lines on the smart board.

IMG_6738 IMG_6740 IMG_6820

We also used our whiteboards and markers.

IMG_6816 IMG_6834 IMG_6835

As well as the easel.

IMG_6745 IMG_6748

And we traced over dotted lines on our worksheets.

IMG_7168 IMG_7178