On april 1st, «la Matança del porc»

On april 1st, the deputy head of our school came to talk to us about «la Matança del porc» and how we can make different kinds of sausages from pigs which live on the farm.He told us about the different types of meat from the pig which is used, and then how to season the sausage to make it last a long time.

He shared with us lots of pictures of his family and friends to show how the sausages are made, as well as showing us how to make wine from grapes.

Thank you very much Jordi!

«Papás, mamás, abuelos y abuelas, os invitamos a participar en esta UDI, podéis aportar vuestras experiencias y compartirlas con nosotros aquí en nuestras clases, previa cita concertada con las tutoras. A los Piolines y los Garfields nos encantará recibir vuestras visitas.»   ¡Os esperamos!