Fieldtrip to Can Pou with P3

Peter Pans and Patufets enjoyed a bright and beautiful day yesterday on their fieldtrip to Can Pou.

After the excitment of riding on the school bus to get there, kids had a blast following the instructions of «Capitana Espàrrec» in order to find a treasure hidden among the trees in the forest. Joan and Georgina guided children and made sure they were aware of different signs of spring, discussed the importance of keeping clean the woods and talked about recycling materials.

Visiting all the animals in the farm after eating our picnic lunch was very exciting and feeding the black horse our left over apples was certainly interesting!

We hope you’ll enjoy looking at these pictures with your children so they can better explain how much fun they had!

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This fieldtrip is part of our Unit of Inquiry «Creando cosas», in which children will explore the posibilities of different materials in order to create new things.

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