We made recycled paper!

Last week, Peter Pans and Patufets engaged in a learning experience as part of our unit of inquiry, Creating things.  They made recycled paper from old newspapers we had in the teacher’s room. It was a great activity because they were able to observe and participate hands on in  the whole process and identify pieces of newspaper they had cut at the beginning in the final product. We are sure each one of them will happily show their families their recycled paper and we would like to share with you some pictures of the process. Enjoy them!

First, kids cut newspaper pages into small pieces with their scissors.

Then, they mixed pieces of paper with water.

And finally, it was time to drain the extra water and spread the mixture into these blue squares. Children placed the squares in the sun to dry.

And, here it was!! Recycled paper ready to be used and drawn on!! 🙂

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