We talked to Ms. Eirini!

Last week, we were able to get in touch with Ms. Erini, a wonderful classroom assistant who was helping us  during the first trimester of school. It was sad to say goodbye to her as she moved back to Greece back in December but Skype helped us contacting her and developing our communication skills in this learning experience.

Listen carefully to the excitement in the kids’ voices as Ms. Eirini’s face appeared on the screen and they were able to say «Hello» and talk to her.


Peter Pans started sharing with Ms. Eirini activities they had been part of recently, Oriol told her about a trip to snowy mountains, Yu Xuan explained the helper of the day was Pau and Martina showed her «star of the week» badge.


Children loved singing along with Ms. Erini.

It was a very meaningful  experience for everyone involved and we certainly hope to be able to contact Ms. Eirini again in the future.

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