Befana, a beautiful witch!

Rays and Dolphins, as part of the PYP Unit «Celebrations», are learning things about celebrations around the world. This week Sofia’s godmother came to school to tell them about a traditional Christmas character that brings sweets to the Italian boys and girls who have been good throughout the year.

She is a nice witch called Befana and now they know they will have to prepare a dish of pasta with tomato on December the 5th before going to bed, and how to sing her song Trullallà.




Divendres de protagonistes…

Aquesta tarda de divendres, amb els pares de la Blanca (la nostra protagonista) hem conegut una mica millor a la nostra companya. Hem escoltat un conte, cantat cançons i hem descobert que a la Blanca li encanta Frozen. Ha estat una tarda genial!

Moltes gràcies pares per acompanyar-nos en aquesta tarda del divendres. Ens ho hem passat molt bé!