A fieldtrip to Can Pou

Last Friday, Rainbow, Sunshine, Dolphins& Rays went on a fieldtrip to Can Pou in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor. Children were very excited and even riding on the bus and going through a tunnel was super fun. Once we got there we went on a walk in the forest. Rainbow & Sunshine used their recycled toilet paper rolls as binoculars to look for different sings of spring in the forest. After that, they painted the binoculars and it was time for lunch.

Last Thursday, to begin our new PYP Unit «We are farmers» and to trigger the interest of Dolphins & Rays in the farm and the jobs a farmer does, we went to the farm of Can Pou. There, your Little ones were able to see different farm animals, feed them and they also had the opportunity to create their own magnets using farm animals pictures.

We hope you’ll enjoy looking at these pictures with your children so they can better explain how much fun they had!

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