San Estanislao de Kostka!

Happy «San Estanislao de Kostka»!!!

Early Years children got together today to celebrate SEK’s day. It’s been 25 years since our school first  opened its doors and we enjoyed going to the forest in the afternoon to find our mascot «Koskillas» and wish him a  Happy 25th Birthday! 

Being part of an International learning community means being immersed in a multicultural environment which encourages and celebrates multilingualism. «Koskillas» really enjoyed listening to children singing «Happy Birthday “in multiple languages (English, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Chinese….) .Kids asked him questions, hugged him and overall were surprised and happy to have found him. 

We hope you will enjoy taking a look at these pictures from today’s celebration!

Star of the week is…

On Thursday we enjoyed welcoming Gleb’s parents to our classroom for our last ‘star of the week’ activity.

Gleb’s parents read his favorite traditional Russian story in English about a character who enjoys cleaning and helped us make some lovely keychains with everyone’s names on them.

Thank you for visiting us!!

Peace Day

«Peace  is being different, feeling good about yourself, and helping others. The world is a better place because of you! » Todd Parr

On September 21st, Rainbow class kids listened to «The Peace Book» by Todd Parr, a fantastic and simple story about the meaning of peace.

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In an IB school, working together to decide Classroom Essential Agreements is one of the ways to set the tone for learning and collaboration and this is usually done at the beginning of the school year to help everyone understand shared norms and expectations.

«Peace» is a difficult concept to grasp for preschoolers but after reading the book «Hands are not for hitting» by Martine Agassi and working together on our Essential Agreements , we will make this world a more peaceful one by using our helping hands, walking feet, quiet voices and listening ears.



European Day of Languages

On September 26th, Preschoolers celebrated European Day of Languages by listening (and singing along) to this wonderful song from Global Wonders.

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They also explored flags from different European countries and identified colours, shapes and patterns on the flag they chose. Our fantastic classroom assistants, Ms. Matina and Ms. Lucia also found their home countries flags.

Happy European Day of Languages!!

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Essential Agreements in Preschool

Our preschoolers have been in school for over three weeks now and all of them have been settling in nicely and are enjoying getting to know each other, exploring and playing together.

One of the first things that help our little class community get along with each other is agreeing on what’s the best way for everyone to be happy and safe in our environment and that is done by coming up with Our Essential Agreements.

Take a look!!

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Reading buddies project in action

On Thursday, April 6th, Preschool children and Primary 6 kids met at the Library to continue with our «Reading Buddies» project. On this occasion, children read the book «The doorbell rang» by Pat Huchins.

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After the read aloud, preschoolers got together with their «buddies» from Primary 6 and demonstrated their understanding of the story by drawing their favorite part on a piece of paper with crayons. Then, together they chose a book and read it.

Please, take a look at the photos below!!

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Chinese New Year!

Rainbows, Sunshines and P3 teaching team enjoyed welcoming Xuan’s mum this morning to our classroom for a visit. She came to give us a short presentation about the story and traditions of the Chinese New Year. She explained the story about the twelve animals in the horoscope, told us this is the year of the dog and showed us pictures of  food they usually eat during the celebrations. And then she has also visited the P4 and P5 classes and she has been sharing it with our classmates: Granotes, Rays and Dolphins.

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We also learned how to say «Happy New Year» while singing this song.

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We met our Reading Buddies last week!

Rainbow and Sunshine class kids went to the Library last Thursday to meet Ms. Carmen and her students. Primary 6 boys and girls became Reading Buddies to our preschoolers.  It was a very exciting experience for both our young students as well as our oldest in Primary School. After listening to a fun story about dragons as a whole group, each one of the preschoolers was matched up with his or her reading buddy to choose together a new book and read a little bit more.

We will meet our Reading Buddies several times throughout the school year and we will keep you updated.

A big thank you to all our dedicated students in Primary who took part in this activity!

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Checking out books from the School’s library

Preschool children visited our school library this past Wednesday to find books about our current Unit of Inquiry «Our School» included in the Transdisciplinary theme «How we organize ourselves».

While Ms. Stephanie was kind enough to select the most interesting books for our preschoolers, Ms. Estela read-aloud the book «I took my frog to school» by Erik A. Kimmel.

Kids enjoyed choosing their favorite School related storybook from Ms. Stephanie’s selection and took some time to look at them.

Then, they used their Library cards for the first time to scan and check out their books so we could take them to the classroom and read them together in the next few weeks.

Pre-writing skills

Sunshine and Rainbow class kids have been working on their pre-writing skills by tracing lines using different tools and on several supports (chalk on a chalkboard, Ready to print app on the iPads, markers on laminated worksheets, pens on cardboard, etc.)

Take a look at these photos!

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