Within our PYP Unit “Celebrations” we have had different parents’ collaboration, this week we have had Gleb’s parents visit to tell us about Shrovetide Carnival, a celebration to welcome Spring after the long Winter. Each day they have different activities and dolphins and rays have loved the fact that they eat many pancakes to get ready for the coming Lent.

St.Valentine’s Day

To celebrate St.Valentine’s Day,astronauts have been working with second grade students to decorate cards and envelopes to celebrate love.They have used watercolors and different card hearts to create their St.Valentine’s Day cards.They have enjoyed a lot in the primary arts and crafts classroom with Señorita Yolanda.

«112, emergencias»

El pasado viernes, Dolphins & Rays, hemos recibido la visita de la mamá de Lara. Ha venido en representación del SEM para explicar a los alumnos de P4 la importancia de conocer el número de emergencias «112» y, cuándo y cómo hacer uso del teléfono para poder llamar a una ambulancia en caso de emergencia.

Tras la charla han podido construir su propia ambulancia en cartón.

Papás os proponemos, que si lo deseáis, hagáis la práctica de simulación (como hemos representado hoy en clase y que seguro los Dolphins & Rays os explicaran) enseñando a vuestros hijos a: cómo desbloquear el teléfono y, la dirección de vuestro domicilio, para que os puedan ayudar en caso de emergencia.

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Befana, a beautiful witch!

Rays and Dolphins, as part of the PYP Unit «Celebrations», are learning things about celebrations around the world. This week Sofia’s godmother came to school to tell them about a traditional Christmas character that brings sweets to the Italian boys and girls who have been good throughout the year.

She is a nice witch called Befana and now they know they will have to prepare a dish of pasta with tomato on December the 5th before going to bed, and how to sing her song Trullallà.




Happy Thanksgiving!

As every year on November’s last Thursday, we have all celebrated Thanksgiving Day.

Rainbows, Frogs, Dolphins and Rays talked about how important it is to say «Thank you» when someone helps us or gives us something, then Rainbow used their fine motor skills to create a small art project to celebrate Thanksgiving, coloring a coffee filter with markers and using a water spray to mix the colors. Take a look at their lovely turkey headbands! Dancing like turkeys to the next short video and playing «Duck, duck, Turkey» in the Nursery playground was lots of fun too!

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Frogs from P4 have learned a bit more about how to value the things they have and how thankful they should be for all their friends and family.

Dolphins and Rays were able to partake in a special Thanksgiving lunch in which native Americans and pilgrims had lunch together and  expressed the things that they are thankful for.

We include the celebration of Thanksgiving day within P4’s transversal Unit of Inquiry «Celebrations» and within P5’s Unit » Around the table».  Here you have some pictures.

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Thank you for the fun times!


Our Surroundings

As part of out Inquiry Unit “Our Surroundings” we have had a surprise!

We went to the woods today and we saw the different animals and plants that share our surroundings.

Then we went to the river and heard the noises that the water made as it was flowing down the stream.

Next we picked some stones up for Miss Emma using our buckets and finally we played in the park.

We had so much fun and we loved seeing our surroundings that we share with the school and everyone!

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Can Pou: We are farmers!

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Last Thursday, to begin our new PYP Unit «We are farmers» and  to trigger the interest of Garfields and Piolines in the farm and the jobs a farmer does, we went to the farm of Can Pou.

There, your Little ones were able to see different farm animals, feed them and they also had the opportunity to create their own biscuits using farm products.