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The big yellow bus

yellow bus

Peter Pans enjoyed a new library session last Thursday with their reading buddies from Primary 6. Our friends read to us «The big yellow bus», a fun book about different animals hopping on a bus to go to school. Children had a blast listening to the story and then created a small art work with cardboard. Take a look!

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Research skills in preschool

Preschoolers will be developing their research skills in our current Unit of Inquiry, Our School. A couple weeks ago we visited the school’s library to gather information about different schools so we could discuss the differences and similarities compared to our school. Children were very enthusiastic and they really enjoyed looking for books and exploring them with their classmates.

Children will continue to have more opportunities to use their research skills in order to collect information and data for their inquiry as we explore our school community in the next few weeks. We will keep you posted!



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«Read to me» project (Christmas Edition)!

Our preschoolers had a great time this last Thursday going to the Library for the second time to enjoy a read-aloud organized by the wonderful children from sixth grade of Primary and their teacher. This time, they listened to a Christmas story and worked on creating a tree like the one in the book. Take a look at these photos!!

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«Read to me» project

Peter Pans enjoyed their first visit to the School’s library this Thursday. They were greeted by children from Primary 6 and their teacher Ms. Carmen, and what better way to be introduced to a new place than by the hand of our oldest students in Primary?? Our preschoolers had a great time choosing books and listening to stories read to them in English by our wonderful sixth graders. It was a fantastic experience and we will continue this «Read to me» project by visiting the library once a month. We are looking forward to meeting them again in December for a Christmas surprise!

Take a look at these photos!

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The little red hen


Peter Pans and Patufets have been listening to this wonderful story about hard work and helping hands as part of our current Unit of Inquiry, Creating things. In the story, Little red hen asks the rest of the animals in the farm for their help harvesting wheat to make some bread and although at the beginning of the story they are not willing to help, they end up learning how important it is to help out.

Children can now retell the story in their own words and will be taking home the book and CD-ROM that comes with it so they can share it and enjoy it with their families.

Take a look at the beautiful watercolor farms they painted and the amazing farm animals they drew with markers. Well done!! 🙂


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The very hungry caterpillar


Last week’s library story was «The very hungry caterpillar» by Eric Carle. We had been learning letter/sound «C» and caterpillar was on our list. Children enjoyed this well-known book and had fun painting  an egg carton to create their own caterpillar.  Enjoy the animation of the wonderful story in the following video.

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Peter Pans carrying books to return to the library.


Patufets at the Library.
Retelling the story using all the props.
Peter Pans painting their caterpillars in the classroom.





Our first visit to the new Library!!

Last week, Peter Pans and Patufets visited the new library for the first time and met Srta. Yolanda (one of our school librarians) as well as Mr. Wiggle, a library worm.


In his book, Mr. Wiggle tells children how to take good care of library books by making sure their hands are clean before they touch them, they don’t write or draw on them and they turn the pages correctly.

Our weekly visits to the Library will help kids enjoy looking at books and  read-alouds, so hopefully in a few years  they can become awesome readers!

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Llibres per Sant Jordi!

Hola pares,

Enguany, com ja és tradició cada 23 d’abril, celebrarem la Diada de Sant Jordi. Us oferim una proposta de llibres que us ajudaran per mantenir en els vostres fills i filles la motivació que manifesten dia a dia per llegir i escriure, convertint-los, en autèntics lectors i lectores. També us facilitem un llistat de llibres que us ajudaran a treballar valors com: l’amistat, l’autoestima, cooperació, tolerància i respecte, generositat,…

L’ educació en valors els permet als nostres fills a aprendre i donar valor a algunes conductes i comportaments, ajudant-los a conviure d’una manera pacífica, sentir-se millor amb ells mateixos  i els facilita l’adaptació a qualsevol entorn familiar o escolar.

Desitgem que us serveixi d’orientació en la tria dels vostres llibres per aquesta Diada tan especial.




Sillón del cuentacuentos a P3

Fa uns dies, el professor Roger, assegut a la cadira del «Cuentacuentos» de la biblioteca, ens va explicar als nens de P3 el conte d’en Teo i els esports. En Teo i la seva familia, al llarg del cap de setmana practiquen diferents esports (bàsquet, tenis, futbol,…) i també fan d’espectadors d’altres.

Ens ha agradat molt, i entre tots hem reflexionat sobre l’importància del treball en equip, el respectar les normes,  i sobretot, als companys.

Moltes gràcies senyor Roger pel teu conte, t’esperem aviat per escoltar-ne un altre.