Caminamos juntos hacia el río Congost.

El pasado día 6 de abril fue el Día Mundial de la Actividad Física, los alumnos de E. Infantil decidimos celebrarlo y compartirlo con todos los padres, madres, familiares y amigos el último día de abril.

El martes realizamos una excursión desde el colegio hasta el río Congost el con el objetivo de seguir promoviendo la actividad física para conseguir una buena salud y bienestar personal, a la vez que potenciamos el mostrar una actitud positiva hacia el medio ambiente.

¡Acabamos la tarde merendando juntos en nuestro patio, fue una caminata estupenda, que seguro volveremos a repetir!

“¡Vida activa! ¡Larga vida!”

Forest walk experience

On Thursday afternoon, Rainbow class went to the school’s forest for the first time as a group and enjoyed a wonderful sunny afternoon. It’s autumn time and in class we have been listening and singing along to this fun song about leaves changing color and falling down.

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Children had a fantastic time collecting autumn leaves, sticks, pine cones, acorns and small stones in order to take them back to class and  use them in the next few days.They also enjoyed playing, climbing  and going down the blue slide. Take a look at these pictures!


Our Surroundings

As part of out Inquiry Unit “Our Surroundings” we have had a surprise!

We went to the woods today and we saw the different animals and plants that share our surroundings.

Then we went to the river and heard the noises that the water made as it was flowing down the stream.

Next we picked some stones up for Miss Emma using our buckets and finally we played in the park.

We had so much fun and we loved seeing our surroundings that we share with the school and everyone!

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«Superfast» and «Ariel»


«Superfast» and «Ariel» are the names chosen by the children for the new fish in our classroom!! Unfortunately, «Mark» and «Lily» (the fish that was kindly given to us by our friends in p5) died right before Christmas break.

About a week ago, we got a couple new fish and children were very excited! Before moving them into what we hope will be their new home for a long time (our blue fish tank), children really enjoyed exploring them in a smaller glass container and took turns keeping them company. Take a look at these pictures!

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A walk in the forest

Peter Pans took a walk in the forest on friday afternoon after listening to the story «The listening walk» by Paul Showers.

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They decorated their own listening tubes (made out of recycled toilet paper rolls) and went on a walk to listen to different environmental sounds. During their time in the forest they were able to hear  cars, the wind moving the leaves, birds, a helicopter and boys and girls playing.

We sang a slightly different version of this song during our afternoon walk and we are sure you’ll love to sing along too!

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These are a few pictures of today’s listening activity and play time in the forest!! 🙂


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We made recycled paper!

Last week, Peter Pans and Patufets engaged in a learning experience as part of our unit of inquiry, Creating things.  They made recycled paper from old newspapers we had in the teacher’s room. It was a great activity because they were able to observe and participate hands on in  the whole process and identify pieces of newspaper they had cut at the beginning in the final product. We are sure each one of them will happily show their families their recycled paper and we would like to share with you some pictures of the process. Enjoy them!

First, kids cut newspaper pages into small pieces with their scissors.

Then, they mixed pieces of paper with water.

And finally, it was time to drain the extra water and spread the mixture into these blue squares. Children placed the squares in the sun to dry.

And, here it was!! Recycled paper ready to be used and drawn on!! 🙂

Creating with natural resources

Patufets and Peter Pans went on a nature walk a few days ago to collect natural resources for a creative project. When we had enough sticks, little rocks, leaves, pine cones and flowers we went back to our playground to sort them out. Kids enjoyed working with modelling paste and adding some of the nature treasures they had picked up earlier. Here are some photos!!

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La primavera ja és aquí!

Ja fa dies que tenim la primavera entre nosaltres. Els Peter Pans i els Patufets n’hem anat parlant i vist imatges a la PDI, hem après cançons i poemes, hem anat a veure les mongetes que feien créixer els Garfields i Piolins, hem anat a veure l’hort de l’escola i cada dia tenim cura de les nostres maduixeres i dels enciams que ens van regalar els pares del Max quan va ser el protagonista.

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Us deixem unes fotos i un enllaç a la cançó de la primavera.


Entorn, Medi Ambient, reciclar, oxigen,… paraules que ja ens són més familiars després d’haver gaudit indagant en la nostra primera Unitat.  La classe ha estat com el Camp Base: lloc de reflexió final ja que ens hem mogut arreu per observar, ingadar, descubrir…Hem fet passejades pel bosc, observacions en el pati, col.loquis………i hem compartit un munt d’informació resumit en uns treballs molt especials, aquí els teniu!!! Moltes gràcies pares per indagar amb tots nosaltres!!!

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We went on a listening walk!

A couple weeks ago, Peter Pans and Patufets went on a listening walk to the forest as part of our listening skills development activities.

After watching this fantastic video from Super Simple Songs and creating some listening tubes out of recycled toilet paper tubes, we really enjoyed our trip to the forest where we were able to hear some of  nature’s sounds.

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We encourage you to follow up with this activity by using your kid’s «listening tube» to make them aware of different environmental sounds. Have fun!!

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