Entradas sobre fiestas tradicionales.

Ja arriba el Carnaval!

Avui ha arribat el rei del carnaval, “carnestoltes”, acompanyat dels nostres Gegantons La dia i El nit; el seu regnat durarà tota la propera setmana. Cada dia ens convidarà a complir els seus missatges, i com és el rei, l’haurem de fer cas. Serà una setmana molt divertida que finalitzarem amb una fantàstica festa de disfresses, un berenar molt dolç i, ¡molta, molta marxa!

St.Valentine’s Day

To celebrate St.Valentine’s Day,astronauts have been working with second grade students to decorate cards and envelopes to celebrate love.They have used watercolors and different card hearts to create their St.Valentine’s Day cards.They have enjoyed a lot in the primary arts and crafts classroom with Señorita Yolanda.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today all the Infant Children celebrated a Chinese New Year Party at school. All the students divided into different groups were able to do several activities as you can see in the photographs. They have been playing a Chinese traditional game, making fortune cookies out of playdough, learning the Chinese numbers and colouring Chinese letters. It has been a fantastic morning sharing traditional things from this culture and spending time with all the Infants Students.

Caga tió…!

«Caga tió, d’avellanes i torró, si no vols cagar, et donarem un cop de bastó!”

Aquesta tarda, al pati d’infantil, veus i veuetes, cantaven aquesta cançó (una, dos, tres,…vegades), doncs, el Tió está vellet i una mica sord. Ens ha demanat que li cantessim diverses vegades i, amb una darrera cantada ben forta, el Tió ja no ha pogut més, i ha fet un “pet” tan gros, que a tots ens ha deixat bocabadats: ens ha cagat una sorpresa per cada un de nosaltres!

Moltes gràcies Tió, et desitgem unes Bones Festes i Fins l’any que vé!!


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Bon Nadal!   ¡Feliz Navidad!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

Ja ha arribat el Tió!

El tió ja ha arribat! Avui a la tarda tots nosaltres i les senyoretes, hem anat al bosc a buscar-lo. Mirem per aquí…, per allà…, i quina sorpresa: hem vist la seva barretina vermella dins de la cabana!

Tots contents, amb ell en braços, l’hem anat acariciant per tal que no tingués fred. I parlant amb ell, ens ha dit que volia venir amb nosaltres a la classe.

Ara ja el tenim amb nosaltres, ben tapadet i cada dia li posarem menjar. Entre tots el cuidarem molt bé per fer-lo cagar de valent  la propera setmana, el darrer dia d’aquest trimestre.

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Thanksgiving day!

As part of our international-mindedness development we celebrate some celebrations from all over the world. Today, we celebrated the American Thanksgiving…

Rainbow and Sunshine class children had a great time pretending to be turkeys and dancing to “Turkey Dance Freeze” to celebrate Thanksgiving. They also worked on a small art turkey Project and talked about different times when we say “Thank you”.

In P4 and P5 as part of our PYP Unit “Family and Friends”  and “Around the table” Rays & Dolphins and  Astronautes have been talking about the importance of being thankful for the things we have.  We have also created a turkey using our cutting and fine motor skills… We have learnt how Pilgrims travelled from England to United States of America finding there the Native Americans and the help they offered to their new friends. They look amazing!

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Befana, a beautiful witch!

Rays and Dolphins, as part of the PYP Unit «Celebrations», are learning things about celebrations around the world. This week Sofia’s godmother came to school to tell them about a traditional Christmas character that brings sweets to the Italian boys and girls who have been good throughout the year.

She is a nice witch called Befana and now they know they will have to prepare a dish of pasta with tomato on December the 5th before going to bed, and how to sing her song Trullallà.




Halloween is here!

Dear parents, as every October 31st, we are ready to celebrate Halloween and Castanyada.

As every year when the first autumn winds arrive we are ready for one of our favourite celebrations.

This year your little ones have been introduced to the American tradition of Halloween again, trick or treat songs have filled our days and decoration has been full of skeletons, pumpkins, Jack-o’-lanterns, spiders, bats…   Happy Halloween!

Here are some of the photos.

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Peace Day

«Peace  is being different, feeling good about yourself, and helping others. The world is a better place because of you! » Todd Parr

On September 21st, Rainbow class kids listened to «The Peace Book» by Todd Parr, a fantastic and simple story about the meaning of peace.

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In an IB school, working together to decide Classroom Essential Agreements is one of the ways to set the tone for learning and collaboration and this is usually done at the beginning of the school year to help everyone understand shared norms and expectations.

«Peace» is a difficult concept to grasp for preschoolers but after reading the book «Hands are not for hitting» by Martine Agassi and working together on our Essential Agreements , we will make this world a more peaceful one by using our helping hands, walking feet, quiet voices and listening ears.